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Tom's Pro Bike Announces Indoor Training Center and Race Series
September 19th, 2010 1:40pm
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Tom's Pro Bike Announces Indoor Training Center and Race Series
Tom's Pro Bike, in association with Plan2Peak, has just invested in an indoor training center. The Center will have 5 Computrainer, Lab Edition, Electronic Trainers, 50 inch Flat Screen TV, ventilation system and Metabolic Test equipment.Starting October 1st the Center will be open for test rides. Tom's is also hosting the premiere Indoor Training Series in Upstate NY. Computrainers will be calibrated to the strictest tolerances insures accurate results. Series will begin October 18th and run through January. Metabolic Testing will also be available to athletes. Metabolic Tests can be used to establish accurate and personalized training zones, as well as numbers like VO2max and many others.Registration for the series will begin next week on For more information contact Tom Lonzi (651-9995) or Peter Cummings (982-8061).

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