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Jonathan Rosen

Jonathan Rosen
I first started racing in July 1983, after reading about the Aquarium classic in Niagara Falls. I started racing with the BBC as a Junior in 1984 and raced two seasons until I fractured an elbow at the Iroquois club race, when one of the riders in a 5 man break swerved for a pot-hole and crashed the whole group. Although I didn't race again until meeting up with John Garrett in 2002, I kept riding with Bryan Bonn and switched to alpine ski racing every winter since 1986.

I resumed racing in 2003 and got re-interested after spending two weeks in France in the summer of 2003 watching Lance Armstrong climb the Alps and Pyrenees. With the help of tri-athlete Bruce Levine and the support of John Garrett, Jim Leone, Bryan Bonn and Dan Youhess, we formed "Team Rippin'" and raced together until joining the Handlebars Cycling Co. Nickel City Cycling team in 2007.

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