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Langford - Sprint & Team Series
April 22nd, 2018 10:00am
BBC Championship Training Event
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Town Of North Collins Highway Dept 2982 Shirley Road North Collins, New York 14111
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Full Membership

Men 1-3 / Women 1-2 (BBC Race)
Laps: 4 » Distance: 38.80mi » Elevation: 1064ft
Men 4 / Women 3 (BBC Race)
Laps: 4 » Distance: 38.80mi » Elevation: 1064ft
Men 5 / Women 4 (BBC Race)
Laps: 3 » Distance: 29.10mi » Elevation: 798ft

No Marshalls Assigned
Apply to Marshall (3 Needed)

Sprint points on laps 2,3 & at the finish. This is a challenging course. Each section of the course poses its own challenge. After turn 1, you rise slightly, leading into a downhill towards turn 2. The long straightaway has a few small rollers on it, leading into a quick descent, right into a sharp little uphill at turn 3. Then another short sharp uphill takes you into turn 4, where you battle false flats and a headwind (typically) all the way to the finish

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Power Meter City
Tom's Pro Bike
Campus WheelWorks
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